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"So what is a Fine Art Wedding Photographer?" is perhaps the question I'm asked most by clients. To answer this question I consider how I view wedding photography in the present day:


This is the age of the digital camera and the camera phone. At your wedding it is most likely 95% of people will have a camera with them. It is likely you'll have hundreds of pictures of you and your guests enjoying your special day, dancing at the reception, laughing at the best man's speech and saying 'cheers' a great many times. These are some fantastic, fun memories to capture but are these the amateur photos you really want adorning the walls of your lounge or bedroom? Probably not! 


I approach weddings a little differently... I look to tell the story of the couple in front of me. The little details that you have spent months planning: outfits for the wedding party, flowers, cake, your guests all become a blur as the focus shifts to the couple getting married, the reason why all of this is happening in the first place. I work to create amazing photographs that remind you why you got married, your love for one another and the journey you've shared. A wedding marks the beginning of the next chapter in your lives as newlyweds. I create beautiful Fine Art Photographs so that when you are having a low point, or working your way through a tough time, you can look back on wonderful, fond memories of your special day.


I like to get to know my couples well and I offer you the opportunity to discuss everything about your wedding day. My previous work as a Wedding Planner provides me with a great understanding that it is the little touches that make your wedding 'uniquely yours.' From the stationary to the 'I do' and 'Yes Dear' on the bottom of your shoes to the flower girl throwing all the petals at once while everyone looks on in merry amusement all add to the unique feel for your day.  To capture these unique moments, all my packages include opportunities for couples to discuss their wedding plans in-depth. I want to know your personalities and what is important to you, so I can ensure your story is told.